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Photographic Reflections During Trying Times!

Like the rest of society, the fast-paced lives of our team here at Phazy photography have been grinded to a halt by the ongoing covid 19 global epidemic. However, this period of time does provide us with a unique opportunity to spend time bonding with our children that we otherwise may not have had. We all currently have space in our normally hectic schedules to engage our children in those activities that hold a special place in our hearts. Perhaps these are the same activities that led to the first shared smiles between our parents and us. Here at Phazy photography, we plan on using this time to capture those first shared smiles that represent the very fabric of the bond shared between parent and child. It is these moments that leave an indelible print in our hearts.

Images by Phazirah Spinazola

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Whether it be the result of a shared activity, or for those younger babies, even just a silly sound, there are fewer experiences more profound and gratifying than sharing a laugh with your little one. These moments are fleeting unless we capture them on film to share over time with ourselves, as well as with future generations. Whether to reconnect after a falling out, or bridging connections with our grandchildren in the decades to come, pictures and video are powerful because they make our love for one another tangible. Photography renders our love immortal because it allows that love to be reinvigorated for years to come even in our darkest hours, such as these. This is the essence of why capturing these moments with your loved ones and ours here at Phazy photography is so important to us. The images that we freeze in time serve as a reminder that behind every storm cloud awaits a rainbow. After every argument awaits a reunion. And we here at Phazy photography will be here to help you visualize you and your family’s rainbow once the current storm clouds clear.

Until then, please remain safe everyone, can enjoy time with loved ones.

In the comments below, post a photo you got a chance to take with your loved ones during the covid 19 season and let us spread love and hope for better days.

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